About Harpers Concierge Services

Who we are

We are a professional rental management company operating in Edinburgh and beyond. From our experience in running holiday lets we know that having a team you can trust in place to manage all aspects of the short term rental process is crucial.

With the right properties, short term rentals can be a far more lucrative option when it comes to investing in property. Most landlords don’t have the time to deal with changeovers and everything in between. We offer a bespoke management service to do these things for you.

We have found that having a dedicated property manager on hand for guests throughout their stay is key to ensuring their stay is a positive one, which in turn gains excellent reviews to help generate future bookings.

Who We Work With

In short, everyone!

We work with large, medium and small holiday let advertising companies, investors with portfolios and individuals with single properties.

However you choose to get your bookings (and we can provide plenty of advice on this) simply pass them all on to us and we will take care of every aspect from the point of booking onwards.

Harpers Concierge is a highly professional company who go the extra mile to ensure their clients are satisfied and that the flats they service are operating in peak condition. We have been travelling for 3 months and left our flat in the capable hands of Eddie. There were plumbing issues that needed attention and our rental income was under threat however, Eddie liaised with our plumber and found a window for the work to be done. This alleviated our anxiety and it was great to know we could rely on Harpers to sort this out in our absence.

Our guests are also very complimentary about the meet and greet service and general efficiency of Harpers. They are quick to react to guest queries and concerns resulting in repeat business for us!

We would highly recommend Harpers Concierge if you are looking for a reliable, efficient service.

Suzanne & Dave
Owners, Luxury Gardners Crescent Apartment

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Professional Rental Property Management

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